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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Purchase Drei Brüder sausage?

San Angelo, Food King, Market Street, HEB and at our facility at 570 Smith Blvd.

HEB: Big Springs, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock and Abilene

Lowe's SuperMarket: Eden, Brady, Mason, Junction, Menard, Big Lake, Ozona, Sonora and Eldorado

How do I cook Drei Brüder sausage?

In the oven: 375 for 30 min--15 min on each side
On the Grill: Internal temp to 165

How Long will it last in fridge unopened?

The sausage has a 55 day shelf life.. need to freeze it by the date stamped on the back.

Does Drei Brüder contain MSG?

No. Drei Brüder sausage contains no MSG.

Can I freeze uncooked sausage?

Yes. You can safely freeze our sasauge until you are ready to cook it.

Is Drei Brüder smoked and ready to eat?

It is smoked, but you HAVE to cook it. It is a raw fresh product.